Mindfulness in Education

Educators know that children learn best when they are comfortable, safe, and relaxed. Imagine if, along with giving our children the gift of lifelong learning and the tools to become kind and productive adults, we could also give them the gift of mindfulness -- using their breath and mind to lead a happy and healthy life.

These days our children seem to be more stressed and anxious. Teachers and parents are stressed and anxious, too. Our lives are busy, and we often find our thoughts buzzing over the past or worrying about the future. Mindfulness teaches us to live in the present moment, enjoying and experiencing what’s in front of us.

We come to schools and classrooms or to teacher in-services to provide practical, simple strategies to incorporate mindfulness into curriculums and create calm in the classrooms. Some of these tools include breath work, guided imagery, sensory experience, mindful movement and more.

In addition, students and parents are welcome to come the the Center to take advantage of designated quiet, mindful areas with the option of plugging into guided meditations.