Fees & Services

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are available for any of our services or for any dollar amount toward services. Please contact us in advance to arrange for the purchase and pick-up of gift certificates.

Payment Methods

Payment for services is required at the time of your visit and may be made with your personal check, credit card or U.S. currency. If your personal check is returned to us for any reason (e.g., insufficient funds), you will be asked to promptly provide a replacement payment in the form of U.S. currency or cashier's check, including any processing fees we may incur.


Fees will vary between practitioners. A sliding fee is available with some practitioners. As a general guide:

Massage (packages are available)

30 minutes $35

60 minutes $70

90 minutes $105

Massage Modalities: pregnancy and infant massage, polarity, lymph drainage, connective tissue release, treatment, clinical and sport massage, reflexology, trigger point therapy and Swedish (relaxation)

Energy Sessions

60 minutes $60


$10/class for walk-ins

There will be a cost savings if you sign up for a series of classes.

Biofield Tuning

is a gentle, non-invasive acoustic therapy. This sound and vibrational therapy with tuning forks uses solfeggio tuning to help balance the energy of your body. Solfeggio tuning is a vibrational frequency that aids in moving energy, removing energy blocks, and increasing energy flow. $15 for 15 minutes.