The Center for Living Well

Welcome to the Center for Living Well, located in Iola, Wisconsin.  

Our vision is to provide a professional environment of healing, education, and outreach to address difficulties and challenges relating to health in body, mind and spirit by incorporating various styles and approaches, ranging from yoga and meditation to nutrition, massage, acupuncture and energy work, creating a life of improved health and joy.

We are a place of healing and a place to restore wholeness. Holistic healing considers the whole person - body, mind, spirit and emotions when it comes to the quest for optimal health. Why? Because we are more than a physical body. The holistic approach focuses on engaging the inner resources of each individual as an active and conscious participant in the restoration and maintenance of his or her own health.  

We offer a wide variety of onsite services by respected, talented practitioners. Our services complement and can enhance the outcome you receive from contemporary health care.

Tammie Jo Berg


Meagan Melum Fritz


Kassie Poye


Dawn Matzke


Brian Brown

Gary Dischler